Monday, March 30, 2009

Very Small Abercrombie Haul

I ordered a few summer goodies at the clearance section at Abercrombie today. So here's a mini haul on the stuff I got. I'm still waiting on arrival but here they are.

Liza Medium Wash Shorts - $29 $60

Portia White Tubetop - $19.90 $39.50

Marcy Green Top - $12.90 $19.50

Thats all. It's very small like I said. I'm not sure if I'll be doing any new haul blogs because I'm trying to stop spending. So after today, NO MORE SPENDING! I'm getting freaking brokeeeeee. AHHH :[

P.S: Happy 20th Birthday to my boyfriend's brother, DAVID! I can't believe he's now 20. For some odd reason I keep thinking he's soooo much younger than me. In reality, we're less than a year apart. AHH! His brother AKA my boyfriend is exactly 4 years older den me. So yes, he's 24 going on 25 ;]

I cannot wait to turn 21 this july man. Finally, no more borrowing or getting a fake ID. lols I feel so young. ha!

& to all you special people who have been commenting me. I have been reading all of your comments. I would love to reply back or comment back but I can't. I think there's some type of blocking thing or firewall that's preventing me from commenting. Blah!


I also bought this. >.<
Aldo Simple Black Flats - $40

Ok no more spending!!

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GiLiNG said...

nice haul ^_^
that white tubetop is cute :D