Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey everyone!

So I haven't update in what feels like the longest. I've been super duper busy with work and what not. I also have some news for you guys. Starting November 23rd ...I will be attending Jean Madeline Aveda Institute for cosmetology. I'm super excited and thrilled to get my license! I loveeee doing hair and makeup but seriously, this will be a side job ONLY. I'm only getting my license so I can do hair and nails offically at a salon. Lately they're starting to be strict about the people who are working undertable(or so I heard). I am still planning to finish up with school and pursue my career as a nurse though. It's just going to take me longer than I thought.

I already gone through all the paperworks and now I just have to come up with $795 for the books and equipments. UGH .... huy I hope this all goes well for me. :) XOXO

Oh and btw; here a pic of me I took with my phone. I did a rendition of Kim's Kardashian's smokey eye look that MACNC40 did on her tutorial. LOVEEE HER! :)