Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday :)

Working out at Planet Fitness is me and my bf's new thing to do on Fridays. We went there last friday but fail to go the next day. lols i don't know but going to the gym and working out wasn't what I expected. I get really tired when I'm on the treadmill and especially when I'm working out on my arm. I get scared that my arms might look muscular and stuff haha
I guess I should try to get ready before my boyfriend gets out of work. Like I said before, I take about 2 hours to get myself together. >.<

Now to Makeup :

So I was browsing around at all of the MAC collections that are coming out this year ...and I wasn't really fascinated by any of them. The Kitty Couture Collection was alright because of the cute chain on the dazzleglass but that was about it. The beauty powder are too darn expensive to purchase. So I think I'm gonna pass on that. I'm just waiting for the Sugarsweet collection to get in. They come out March 19th, there are a few things that I think I might get. Other den that, I'm just gonna wait and see. Trying to spend wisely on items that I'm going to use now.
Spring and Summer are coming to a close and I'm saving for a vacation trip with the bf. I'm so excited about that :)

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GiLiNG said...

i want some stuff from the sugar sweet collection too

just a couple more weeks =D