Monday, March 2, 2009


It's been a while since I last blogged on this thingy here. Lately I've just been too lazy to sit down and write what I'm feeling. School has been a big part of the laziness. So on Thursday, I decided to skip my afternoon class so I can sleep a little more. I was too tired from "TRYING" to finish up this paper. Luckily my professor didn't collect the paper that day, they kind of just did a group assignment where we read each other's papers. Friday's are my days off of school and I always manage to slack off that day and tell myself that I'll do it tmr or whatever. That never happens of course. It's freaking hard to sit back and try to write a paper or do your homework when there's a whole bunch of things out there that you wanna do. I know education is a must and yeah sometimes you need to put that first instead of fun BUTTTT it's HARD. I'm still a young girl who still want to have fun and go out and not worry about this stuff :(

Luckily I have an extra day to start on my paper. Earlier today, I received a text message from the school notification site. I signed up for this thing on ECAMPUS where they let you know when school is close. Tonight/Tmr we're going to have a crazy blizzard out there. I just looked out the window and seen a whole bunch of snow. GOD! As soon as you think the weather is going to get better, this happens.

I can't wait for spring man.

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