Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today I went to the mall with my bf, little sister and my bf's friend. My plan was to get a new jacket and some Steve Madden flats. I left the store with none of those items which sucks BUTTTT i did get a cute top at Forever 21. I also stopped by the MAC store and got 3 panties from Victoria Secret. This was probably the least I've ever spent shopping. I guess it was because I felt as if I was rushing myself in each store. My boyfriend is not the shopping or walking type. He just wants to go in and out fast which I hate. So yeah, there were some stores that I wanted to enter in but decided to leave after purchasing stuff at MAC. I think I bought more items for my sister than for myself. :[ Don't you hate how you always see the cutest things online but never at the actual store? I guess I'm just gonna order myself two flats from Steve Madden in black & white.

  • MAC Blot Powder/Pressed - Dark
  • MAC Paint Pot - Rubenesque
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Shroom
  • MAC Eyeshadow - Antique

Antique and Shroom are two beautiful colors! I'm also in love with the paint pots. I only bought one atm because I felt as if bare canvas and the other nude colors were a little too light for me. But now that I think about it I think it would of been a good base for my eyes. Damn now I have to go back. >.<

Here is the IRIS 6 Drawer Organizer from Stack & Stacks. I've been wanting these for like EVER but haven't had the courage to get it. I wanted to look for one at any nearby stores that sell organizer first because i was too cheap to pay for s&h. lols
Since my makeup table is so messy and small I was like what the heck! ;]

& the shirts that I purchased at Forever21. I'm gonna try to find a picture of it on the website, if not ..den i'll have to snap some pics. lols (i'm kinda lazy atm) haha.

Oh btw : the bf is with his friends again. Lately i've been spending saturday nights at home. ;[


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GiLiNG said...

nice haul =)

i agree about the online vs actual store thing

i see so many things online that i want
but when i go to the store, they either dont have it or look a bit diff