Thursday, November 19, 2009

FOTD - My sister Chany

Decided to mess around on my sister's eyes and here are the results.

What I used :

MAC Painterly Paintpot
MAC's e/s - Carbon
MAC's e/s - Shroom
MAC's e/s - Nylon
MAC's e/s - Satin Taupe
MAC's e/s Embark
Loreal Hip Cream Eyeliner

....I'm such a MAC freak >.<
I need to start using other brands besides MAC.
Anywho, get ready for haul blog entry pretty soon. I bought a few things from MAC, Makeup Forever and Model in a Bottle. I can't wait to get it !

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hey ladies :)

It's been a while ...i know >.< But i'm back and ready than ever! I have been cutting back on makeup and shopping due to my overwhelming bills. UGH ...oh how I hate credit cards and house bills :( But now that I've learn to manage everything better ...I'm back to shopping! It's been tooo tooo longgg!

So to start off my shopping addiction. I decided to buy new shoes! Usually I would spend all of my money on makeup and more makeup that I hardly ever use. Today I finally decided to stock up on some heels for once. I first saw these babies at the store at Mandees, but due to my stupid bank card. My transaction was declined. The lady at the counter was actually nice enough to hold them for me until next. But knowing me ...I doubt I'd drive back down there. Anyways so I came home, went on their Mandee's website and seen the same exact ones online! It was even cheaper than the ones at the store! So of course I had to purchase them. I mean cmon' $13.99?! I can't beat that! LOL ...well idk but seriously! That's pretty cheap hehe :)

I got them in brown since I have so many black heels that I hardly wear. I can't wait to try them on! Shipping are $7 UPS ! Hurry and get these or anything on their site! LOL

P.S: I entered StillGlamorous' contest for Photoshop ! I'm not gonna lie entry is crap compared to the ones I've seen. :( Oh well ...I just really want them sigma brushes! Maybe on my next paycheck :)