Monday, February 23, 2009

MAC Haul

So classes were canceled today so I decided to take a trip to the MAC store. I was only suppose to get one thing there which was the Studio Fix Fluid in NC37 buttttt i had to look around for a bit. I asked the lady at the counter if they had 'creme d'nude' lipstick. She said that since they came out, they're been out and haven't had any since. So she referred me to this one lipstick called Myth? I'm sorry if I got the wrong name of it, but it was a nude-ish color. I tried it on and it made me look weird. I think I was a bit too dark for any nude colors. So then she told me to put on Creamola lip liner, Jubilee lipstick, den Nice Buzz lipglass on top. It came out so nice! I loveeee it! lols

I also grabbed myself the Studio Finish Concealer in NC30.
Overall, I spent about $94. I still have to purchase a textbook for $105 for school and pay $120 for my membership to planet fitness. =[

Man this sucks balls!

I'm also still waiting for my MAC online purchases. It's suppose to come in today. After I get it I'll try to post up a pic of my haul. =]

Sunday, February 22, 2009


So me and the boyfriend wants to go on a vacation this year. We're trying to find the most affordable vacation package but its so freaking hard to decide. I kinda wanna keep saving up until next month butttt I'm not even sure when we're going. I'm still undecided with going to The Bahamas or Disney World. Blahhhjhhjahfdkhfadlf. I wish I didn't spend so much in 2 weeks. I could of had $1,500 extra saved up. Oh yeah, we might go on a vacation with Sue & Kim. The more people, the cheaper right? lols

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Online Purchases

I just made a few online purchases from MAC, PHILOSOPHY and NARS. It will all arrive somewhere from 5-8 days. Yeah!

Gosh I have been spending TOO much lately anddddd i need to stop. I kind of want to purchase these jeans from Abercrombie for $90 ....but $90 though?! Idk. It's hard finding the perfect jeans.

Here is what I ordered.


Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner
Shade: Pink Fish

Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation
Shade: NC30

Eye Shadow
Shade: Shadowy Lady

Den I seen Fafinette's blog and saw what she wrote about PHILOSOPHY. I immediately made a purchase for it. I hope it works!

Last but not least. I finally purchased the blush from Nars. I've been wanting this for like EVERRRRRRRRRR. I've been soooo lazy with going to the mall and Sephora so I went to and got myself one. I got one in Orgasm since I heard a lot of good reviews about it. So yeahh I will be doing reviews on some of the facial stuff and the items from Murad. Pictures will be up soon! =]


Lately I've been having problems with my boyfriend. Problems that needs to change to make this relationship stronger, but I don't see him changing at all. I tried to talk to him about the issue and how he's gonna need to make some changes in his behavior. He's so freaking hard-headed though. On Sunday I was so upset about how he's been treating me lately that I walked out on him. I freaking walked my ass to 3rd & Tasker and caught the bus straight home. It was the first time I've done that and I just knew at that moment that I needed to get away. I thought it was over for good. It was just too much for me ... Today we finally talked. We tried to talk to talk it out and I did see some changes in his voice. By the time I got home and talked to him about it felt as if he was a whole different person. I could tell that he wasn't even going to change.

What pisses me off most is how his mother commented about everything. She told him to go find himself a girl from Cambodia instead. That just made me pissed off to the point where I just wanted to punch the wall. Now I know for sure that she wanted me gone in her son's life. Man I don't hate her but ...I don't know. I just don't like the way she thinks of everything. She just has her own way of things. Like she wants her son to fucking have feelings for her own flesh and blood; her niece. Who the hell thinks like that? That really pisses me off to the point where I just wanted to scream from the top of my lung! I just wanna move far far away from everyone. I bet they wouldn't give a fuck about me anymore. How are we ever going to think about the future if she's never going to let us have one? I know she's never going to accept me. I know she's never going to come to my house and ask my mom to marry me. She doesn't even care for her son's happiness. I'm just crying so much right now cause this shit fucking hurts. I hate it! I hate feeling so low ....I don't even wanna live right now. I hate my fucking life!

I don't know anymore. Am I wasting 2 1/2 yrs of my life with someone who's not even going to "TRY" to make this work? It's all about fun and games with him, he never take anything serious.
There's that saying .."Never settle for less then what you deserve." I'm starting to feel like I'm not even that worthy ...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MAC Haul

AHHH my MAC order camed in!
Here is what I got.

  • Eye Shadow - Carbon - $14.50
  • 187 Duo Fibre Brush - $42
  • MAC Fix + - $17
  • Studio Fix Fluid SPF NC40 - $26
  • Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural in Med/Dark - $25
  • Brush Cleaner - $11
  • 217 Blending Brush - $22.50
  • 219 Pencil Brush - $23.00
  • 239 Eye Shading Brush - $24.50
  • PearlGlide Eye Liner (Black Russian) - $14.50
TOTAL = $240.77


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Early Valentine's Day Gift

My boyfriend bought the 32'' TV from his friend today! They both came over to put it in my room because it was too heavy to lift with one person. Whoooohoo! Now all I need is a new TV stand.

---Waiting for tomorrow's paycheck. I'm going to the MAC store to get myself some brushes and the new Studio Sculpt Foundation/Concealer. WOOT-WOOT

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My boyfriend text me while walking to class yesterday. He said that his friend Chhay is selling his 32'' flat screen tv for $360. I was suppose to get it tomorrow and pay him this friday but I changed my mind. I'm going to save my money for other things. I already have a tv, so whatever.

Spring Break is coming up and I can't wait! I kind of wanna get away and go somewhere but ....I don't know where yet. ERRRR ...maybe I'll save for this summer instead.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I just purchased some stuff from Murad. I haven't tried the products out yet but I'm hoping this will work. It's to lighten scar spots or help treat back acne. I don't have a lot of acne on my face or back but I do get zits on my back occasionally. It's gross to even talk or type this out but oh well. lols

I do have flaws ....i mean scars. lols
It's only about 4 scars I want to lighten up.
blahhhhh you freaking scar!

Here are the items that I purchased. Right now they're having free shipping for purchases over $60 plus three samples of other murad products at checkout!
Clarifying Body Spray - $37

Post Acne Spot Lightening Gel - $60

I read the reviews before purchasing this. I don't wanna waste money on something that didn't work for other den not get it at all. I hope this works too! I am not spending $97 for nothing! These two plus the three samples are coming in, in 7-10 days. After a few weeks or so, I'll try to write a review on this. AHHHH pray for me! lols


Monday, February 9, 2009

What's on my list?

MAC Cosmetics
  • 187 Duo Fibre Brush - $42
  • 168 Large Angled Contour Brush - $32
  • 217 Blending Brush - $22.50
  • Fix + - $17
  • Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 - $14.50
  • Brush Cleaner - $11
= $139.00

  • 10MP Cybershot Digital Camera (for my bf)
= $200

  • Aneboda Wardrobe(white) - $100
  • Malm 6 Drawer Chest (white) - $149
= $249


  • Blush(orgasm) - $25
  • Blush Duo Albatross/Deep Throat - $37
= $62

Victoria's Secret
= $190

TOTAL = $ 840

I'll probably only get half the items on this list.

In the 'hopeless romantic' mood.

This will do the trick.

My all-time favorite movie.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Day

Yep it's coming up and it's next Saturday!
I wonder what me and my boyfriend are going to do. It's going to be our 3rd year spending Valentine's Day together. It doesn't even seem like a big deal to us anymore since we see each other every freaking day. Why have one night to celebrate our love when we can do it every time we see one another?

This year I'm planning to get him a digital camera. Basically, the camera I have is "supposely" his. Okay it IS his. lols I "kinda" took it from him and held onto it for a longgggg time. So I guess it belongs to me now. He doesn't want it anymore anyways because of all the scratches and stuff.
Next Saturday we're gonna go see what's on sale at Circuit City. If we don't find anything we like, den off to Bestbuy.

After that, we're gonna go out to eat somewhere. Right now I'm looking for some good restaurants to go to. I don't want to go to the usual Chinatown restaurants or Olive Garden, Chillis etc. Well I kinda wanna go to Olive Garden but my boyfriend doesn't like the food there. Hmmmm still searching.

Does anyone who live in Philadelphia know any good places?