Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weekend Haul

Sorry for the lateness. I've been busy(lazy) these past few days.
Well here are a few things I bought in the last few days.

I finally got a LEATHER JACKET! From Urban Outfitters for $128. A little pricey but ...I really wanted it.

This cute cardigan from UO. You can't really tell in this pic though. I'm gonna try to look for the picture on the UO website den post it up. ($38.00) -_-

MAC 190 & 209 Brush. :)


I came home from class and saw a big package in my room. I was super stoked on how fast it came in. I've seen MakeupbyTiffanyD's blog on how its great for those who wants to be a makeup artist and stuff sooooo I decided to get myself one. This is going to be great since I'm doing my sister's friends makeup for prom.

Forgot one thing.

I got this huge chuck of Buffy at the Lush store! This stuff runs out pretty quickly, but it works wonders!




hiolivejuicee said...

I really wanted a $128 leather jacket from urban but I got one from forever 21 for $30 instead haha :)

cute stuff!! :)

whitebutterfly01 said...

Great haul!
Love the palette!

Anonymous said...

love the jacket!

jooLee said...

that jacket looks awesome! and i really want that concealer palette! let us know how it works =)

Whit said...

wow!! nice haulings!!! :)