Monday, February 23, 2009

MAC Haul

So classes were canceled today so I decided to take a trip to the MAC store. I was only suppose to get one thing there which was the Studio Fix Fluid in NC37 buttttt i had to look around for a bit. I asked the lady at the counter if they had 'creme d'nude' lipstick. She said that since they came out, they're been out and haven't had any since. So she referred me to this one lipstick called Myth? I'm sorry if I got the wrong name of it, but it was a nude-ish color. I tried it on and it made me look weird. I think I was a bit too dark for any nude colors. So then she told me to put on Creamola lip liner, Jubilee lipstick, den Nice Buzz lipglass on top. It came out so nice! I loveeee it! lols

I also grabbed myself the Studio Finish Concealer in NC30.
Overall, I spent about $94. I still have to purchase a textbook for $105 for school and pay $120 for my membership to planet fitness. =[

Man this sucks balls!

I'm also still waiting for my MAC online purchases. It's suppose to come in today. After I get it I'll try to post up a pic of my haul. =]

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GiLiNG said...

cant wait to see ur haul ! ^_^
i know it's so hard to resist the tempation of buying more than what u planned on.