Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Day

Yep it's coming up and it's next Saturday!
I wonder what me and my boyfriend are going to do. It's going to be our 3rd year spending Valentine's Day together. It doesn't even seem like a big deal to us anymore since we see each other every freaking day. Why have one night to celebrate our love when we can do it every time we see one another?

This year I'm planning to get him a digital camera. Basically, the camera I have is "supposely" his. Okay it IS his. lols I "kinda" took it from him and held onto it for a longgggg time. So I guess it belongs to me now. He doesn't want it anymore anyways because of all the scratches and stuff.
Next Saturday we're gonna go see what's on sale at Circuit City. If we don't find anything we like, den off to Bestbuy.

After that, we're gonna go out to eat somewhere. Right now I'm looking for some good restaurants to go to. I don't want to go to the usual Chinatown restaurants or Olive Garden, Chillis etc. Well I kinda wanna go to Olive Garden but my boyfriend doesn't like the food there. Hmmmm still searching.

Does anyone who live in Philadelphia know any good places?

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