Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am a MAC ADDICT! ;[

its really really bad.
i'm at the freaking MAC store every week ;[
but enough talking and more pics!

  • MAC wipes
  • Studio Sculpt Foundation NW35
  • MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage
  • MAC Brush 191
  • MAC Brush 168
  • MAC Brush 224
  • MAC Blush - Tenderly
  • MAC e/s - Beautiful Iris
  • MAC e/s - Purple Haze
  • MAC e/s - Arena
  • MAC False Lashes - 34
  • MAC Clear Brow Set
  • Duo Adhesive Glue
Then as soon as I got home I decided to use my new NW35 Foundation ONLY to find out that it was a NW55!! I was soooo mad that I had to go back and exchange it. So yeah, I exchanged it and also grabbed the MAC Oil Control since he didn't put that in my bag yesterday either. kjdafkdhfakjdh godddd

But he did do my makeup yesterday which was really nice. I felt beautiful for once in my life. lmao jk

Also I stopped by EXPRESS to check out their sales. I didn't really like anything they had. I just got one plain white sweater and left to Victoria Secret.

its kinda weird posting up my new undies and bra but whatever. lols

I also wanted to stop by Coach and see what was on sale but I had to control myself. I already spent about $1000 in one wk. I'm such a shopoholic. -_-

Here's a pic of me and my friend Friday night.
I look blah!


CV said...

i don't remember how i came aross you blog, but ..

you are hilarious! "I felt beautiful for once in my life. lmao jk"


you're too cute!

and i like mac, but the foundation makes my skin feel funny. =(

Liza [BL] said...

you go to penn state main campus? i was dere last week for a tour. pretty nice..

Pop Champagne said...

you're so cute! haha I go to MAC too often too, I just like to go in and play with the make up :D

jooLee said...

lol aw np i miss that too sometimes and i'm like hey! wheres my comment? THANKS!! my eyeliner takes forever though lol and omg crazy haul i love itt!! damn i would have freaked out too if i got home and realized i had the wrong shade foundation!